Global evangelist Luis Palau diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer: 'I'm ready' to go home

The renowned global evangelist Luis Palau revealed this week a dire diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer.

In a candid, emotional video with two of his sons, Palau said he was emotional but ready for the end of earthly life, and that 'it would take literally a miracle' for his new condition not to be fatal.

Luis and his two of his sons Kevin and Andrew explained how the diagnosis had occurred after a 'kind of chest cold' that 'wouldn't go away' led them to see the doctor. Subsequent scans revealed, just before Christmas, the presence of cancer in the lungs. An assessment in recent days has diagnosed it as the most advanced stage of lung cancer, stage IV.

(Photo: Luis Palau Association)Luis Palau has spoken in person to more than 25 million people in 72 countries.

'Many people are praying that the Lord would do a miracle,' Luis said. 'It would literally take a miracle. Medically speaking ... stage IV is big time.'

'It's all over', Luis quoted the doctors as saying.

The family spoke about coming to terms with the 'shock' of the new situation and the ensuing uncertainty. Luis said he didn't feel 'panic or horror' but did feel sadness, amid a sense of peace, at the thought of not seeing his family again.

But he also expressed hope for eternal life after death. 'If the Lord wants to take me home in the next few months, or two years, or whatever it is, I'm ready,' he said. 'I know it sounds crazy, it's not like, "Ooh, I can't wait to go to heaven." Yes it's true. I actually [am].'

He also posted a written update on his health on the Luis Palau Association's website. He wrote: 'We all have but one life. And of course, we never know when it will end. I pray that we all make the most of it – as long as it is called day. Because soon enough, night will come, when no one can do the work (John 9:4).

'Thank you for praying and trusting the Lord with us. We'll be sure to keep you in the loop as things progress and we learn more. Please pray for Pat [Palau's wife] and me personally. These are uncertain times. But we are holding fast to Jesus and His peace, and trusting the Lord...We can't slow down. We can't let the enemy get a foothold. Let's be steadfast in our resolve. Let's not waver. But instead, let's press ahead with all the more urgency and tenacity.'

The family have welcomed any prayers and encouragement to be sent to Throughout the video, a teary Palau remained upbeat and energetic, frequently quoting Scripture as encouragement.

He closed the message: 'One last word, 2 Samuel 22:31: "As for God, his way is perfect." So we're trusting in that, believing in that and enjoying it...what a beautiful statement. Lord bless you, bye bye, see you soon I hope.'