Glee season 5 episode 3: Watch online live stream Cory Monteith tribute - "The Quarterback" song list [Fox start time]

"Glee" season 5 episode 3 will be airing tonight on Fox at 9 p.m. ET.

Tonight's episode will feature a tribute to actor Cory Monteith, titled "The Quarterback." 

Creator Ryan Murphy told reporters last week: "[The episode] was very difficult to shoot. Those actors and the crew really loved Cory. They loved Cory...He was the most kind, the most generous, never a bad word for anybody. so I think what you will see in the episode is what really happened. Almost everything in that episode is from the first take of every performance. The actors and crew had a really hard time shooting it. I've never seen a crew where you can't continue shooting it because they left the room sobbing. It was very hard. I struggled working on it because what you're seeing is not just what people felt about Finn but Cory."

He continued, "When you write something like that there's no right way to do it. A lot of the actors contacted me and said, 'I loved him so much can I please be a part of it,' so we put them in. It was very rough. It was very rough with Lea [Michele], but I was very proud of it."

Prior to tonight's airing of the show, Fox unveiled the list of songs that will be performed by the Glee cast in memory of Monteith.

The list is as follows:

- Seasons Of Love (Rent)
- I'll Stand By You (The Pretenders)
- Fire and Rain (James Taylor)
- If I Die Young (The Band Perry)
- No Surrender (Bruce Springsteen)
- Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan, covered by Adele)

If you miss tonight's episode on TV, catch up and watch full episodes of "Glee" on the Fox website. The latest episode will be posted one day after its air date.

A sneak peak trailer of the memorial episode released last month shows the grief of the cast. The clip shows Lea Michele (Rachel), dressed in black and grieving. Monteith's character Finn Hudson had to be written out of the show following his death, and the memorial episode will show the loss of his character.

Monteith, 31, tragically died on July 13, 2013, after a toxic combination of heroin and alcohol. Lea Michele was Monteith's on and off screen girlfriend.

After episode 3, the writers of Glee will reportedly take a hiatus to re-focus after the loss of Cory Monteith. The show will return November 7.

Season 5 will say good bye to series regulars Amber Riley, Mark Sailing and Harry Shum Jr. However, American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert will be joining the show.

"Glee" revolves around the William McKinley High School glee club, New Directions.