Give something different this Christmas

The Methodist Church is helping to spread the Christmas cheer this year with the latest edition of its A Gift of Christmas booklet.

The booklet explains the real meaning of Christmas beyond all the tinsel and shopping, and is designed for churches and individuals to give away to friends and members of their local communities during the festive season.

Nearly 300,000 copies have been given away since the first edition was published in 2009.

The latest edition features scriptural readings, prayer, poetry and excerpts from Christmas carols.

"Christmas is a wonderful time when the boundaries between people seem to melt away," said the Reverend Dr Mark Wakelin, President of the Methodist Conference.

"It's a wonderful opportunity for Christians to share the love of God with their neighbours and friends. It's a story that's too good to keep to ourselves and A Gift of Christmas makes sharing it even easier."

A special edition of A Gift of Christmas is being prepared in Cantonese for Hong Kong churches.

The booklets can be purchased from Methodist Publishing at the price of £5 for 50 copies plus postage and packaging.

It is also available as a free download in epub format for ebook readers.

In addition to the Gift of Christmas booklets, free Advent resources are being made available from the Methodist Church with worship and prayer ideas, as well as stories of how grants from the Church's Mission in Britain Fund is being used to support communities.

A special collection will be taken at Methodist churches around Britain on Advent Sunday, 2 December, to go towards the fund.

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