Give a child a future in 2014

 UK-based Christian development charity is encouraging people to help some of the most vulnerable children around the world through sponsorship.

Rope supports grassroots projects in more than 30 countries, with the aim of combating poverty and bringing hope to poor and disadvantaged communities.

They are asking people to consider supporting their programmes in the new year to  offer a fresh start in life to those who really need it.

Child-centred programmes are currently running in South America, Africa and Asia, and Rope aims to provide for every aspect of a child's life - spiritual, economic, physical, social and emotional.

"We all want the best for our children; a good education, for them to be well fed, cared for and to enjoy life with positive opportunities for their future. What about those children who, through no fault of their own, are left with little or no opportunities due to poverty, neglect or a lack of education?" said Rope CEO, Jon Dobbs.

A regular monthly gift will give a child help with education, food and medical care. Money sent will benefit all the children in a Rope home or programme, chosen by the donor depending on the area they wish to support, and annual updates are provided, including stories and pictures.

One such programme is running in East Timor in South East Asia, where Rope and its partners run three kindergartens. The scheme supports 160 children, including 6 year old Adelina who's family lives in a basic bamboo home with no running water. Through the Brighter Futures programme, Adelina is now attending school where she is fed twice a day and is learning to read and write. A donation of just £10 a month will help children like Adelina to continue receiving vital support.

In addition to children, Rope also supports widows.  In Cameroon in Africa, £10 a month will help widows struggling to provide for their families. In developing areas, the death of a husband can leave the family with little or no means of support. Without money to pay for school fees, children are at risk of child prostitution, slavery, crime and drug addiction. Rope's partner in Cameroon is working to ensure children remain in school and offer practical support for fees, books, uniforms, stationary and medical care.

£20 a month could also help support children living in Peru, where Rope works to support those in areas struggling with high unemployment, human-trafficking and poverty.

"Through Rope's Brighter Futures child support programme, you can help bring hope and significant change for these children, their families and their communities," said Mr Dobbs.

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