Giants GM Bobby Evans brings Jesus to others through baseball

Screen grab from Cross Church

At the Transforming the Bay with Christ (TBC) Large Group Gathering at EPIC Church, Giants general manager Bobby Evans shared that he uses his career to bring Christ to baseball.

"At that point, I realized I should have been more specific," Evans said in the event, according to The Gospel Herald. "During my time in baseball and with the Lord, I kept looking for ways that God could use me in the could I honor God with my career? That's in a pursuit that I'm in now, every day, just looking for where God is at work in baseball, with the Giants, and my life."

Evans was named the San Francisco Giants senior vice president and general manager back in April 3, 2015. Before his promotion to S.V.P., the Giants exec was the assistant to the general manager for nine seasons, where in that time the Giants was awarded Topps Organization of the Year in both 2009 and 2011, and the Baseball America Organization of the Year in 2010.

Evans has been a Christian since his childhood, receiving the Lord when he was 7 years of age and living in Massachusetts. For the last 21 years, the Giants GM has been a member of First Baptist Church in San Francisco. Baptist Press states that Evans considers honoring Christ as his most important task as assistant general manager.

How Evans does that is he partners with the chaplain of the Giants to really maximise ministry time with the players."I want our team chaplain to make a difference and impact in the lives of these guys, and I don't wanna have to do a devotional that has a baseball theme to it -- these guys have a deeper need for Christ and a deeper need to be the men of God that they are called to be." Evans said.

Evans also adds that the players of the Giants take every post-game meet-up to share their testimony to 2,000 to 3,000 fans.