George W Bush tells Hobby Lobby's Steve Green: 'I read the Bible every day during my presidency'

George W Bush

Hobby Lobby President Steve Green is moving forward with plans to build an $800 million Bible museum, and he solicited help from former President George W Bush to raise awareness for it.

The men spoke in front of 200 business leaders at the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas on Sunday, and Bush revealed that the Bible was a primary resource during his time in office.

"I read the Bible every day during my presidency," he said.

"The easiest time to be faithful is during a time of crisis. The hardest time for faith is when all is well. Faith informed my principles and decisions, but not my tactics. It would give me strength, but I didn't use my faith to make decisions. Freedom is a faith-informed principle."

Joining Bush and Green was Museum of the Bible COO Cary Summers, who said that Sunday's meeting was just one of many to gain momentum for the multi-million dollar exhibition.

"Two similar events have been held in Oklahoma City this year, and we will be holding similar events in other cities across the nation over the next few years," she told the Christian Post.

The museum will feature antique Bibles, ancient manuscripts, and other religious items with historical significance. Green began collecting the rare and valuable items five years ago, and purchased a 430,000-square-foot building in Washington DC for $50 million in 2012. The space is being renovated, and is expected to open in 2017.

Former President Bush said the museum – which will sit near Capitol Hill – is a great idea.

"It's very important that the Museum of the Bible invites and makes people of all faiths feel comfortable," Bush explained. "It will be an important part of our capital."

Summers said that a DC location is appropriate because the large number of museums in the federal district make it "the museum capital of the world".

"Because the city is known as a destination for world-class museums, studies conducted by the museum team found that the Museum of the Bible would be best attended in Washington as opposed to other cities," she explained.

The Museum of the Bible will include over 500 biblical artifacts, a rooftop garden, libraries, permanent exhibits, and more.