General Hospital spoilers latest news: Jason and Sam are getting closer and closer to a reunion; Nelle is in for a shock

General Hospital fans have been desperate for a romantic reunion between Jason and Sam and they are tantalizingly close. 

Fans will know that the pair have had to work together lately to figure things out and Jason has been trying hard to help Carly after she was set up. He's not been alone in his efforts as Sonny, Michael and Spinelli have also been working hard to prove Carly did nothing wrong. 

ABCMichael in General Hospital

Jason's been really faithful to Carly during her trial despite pressure from Margaux. TV Source Magazine reports that Margaux will succeed in arguing that Carly is potentially dangerous and this outcome will see her shipped off to Ferncliff instead of Shadybrook.

The spoilers for this week from SheKnows tease her current state of mind as the description for June 14's episode says "Carly doesn't trust her instincts."  Poor Carly, we can only hope she gets justice soon! 

Of course, viewers have been hoping that the Jason and Sam working together would bring them closer together. 

And they may just see their wishes come true as this week's General Hospital sees the pair meet up for coffee in Tuesday June 12's episode, according to the latest spoilers dropped for this week by SheKnows.

A coffee date will give them much needed time to talk everything over between them but fans need to prepare themselves for the fact that it may not move things forward with them and may be nothing more than a coffee and a catch up. 

Meanwhile, Nelle's scheming and lying may finally be exposed by Michael despite what she thinks about him. Michael has been secretly working with Spinelli to expose all her wrongdoing but she has yet to be fully ensnared.  Will that finally happen this week?  The spoilers for Monday's episode tease that "Michael stays close to Nelle."

The spoilers on SheKnows regarding Nelle in June 12's episode say "Nelle is shocked" while in June 13's episode, she will be "rattled." 

What is it that will shock and rattle her? 

General Hospital airs on ABC every day this week at 2pm.