'Game of Thrones' season 7 episode 2 spoilers: A fan favorite might be coming back

Facebook/gameofthronesDaenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) is one of the contenders for the Iron Throne in "Game of Thrones."

"Game of Thrones" season 7 is now in full swing and the premiere left hints of what to expect in the next episode including the return of a fan favorite.

The teaser for episode 2 showed Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) facing a wolf which fans speculate is her missing direwolf, Nymeria. Back in season 1, Arya chased her wolf cub away after she attacked then-King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson). She was afraid that Joffrey might take his revenge on the young wolf and have her killed. Now, it is possible that the wolf in the video might be the full-grown Nymeria.

All the Stark children had their own direwolves but four of them have already died namely Summer, which belonged to Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright); Shaggydog, which was owned by Rickon (Art Parkinson); Grey Wind, which belonged to Robb (Richard Madden); and Lady, whose owner was Sansa (Sophie Turner).

The other surviving direwolf is Ghost which is currently at Winterfell with its owner Jon Snow (Kit Harington).

In the teaser, the group at Dragonstone is seen planning at the war table. Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) with her Unsullied and Dothraki armies might be making their attack on King's Landing very soon. She gets advice from Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan) that together with her three dragons, they should be making their move now.

Snow is also seen making preparations to defend the North from the White Walkers when one of the House leaders warns him that the Targaryens cannot be trusted. This strongly suggests that Jon might be making his way to Dragonstone to seek the help of Daenerys, whose dragons can attack the White Walkers. Fans theorize that a dragon-White Walker battle may be coming this season.

Episode 2 of "Game of Thrones" season 7 will premiere on Sunday, July 23 at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO.