Gabriel Wilson channels childhood hurt into new album

For many songwriters, making music is an intensely personal experience, and that's certainly how it's been for Gabriel Wilson, who has poured his heart and his life's journey into his debut solo project.

The McGuire Side draws heavily on his experiences within his family, from childhood to adulthood.

Wilson's parents divorced when he was just a toddler and he took on the last name of his stepfather.

As an adult, he was able to reconnect with his biological father and piece together his family heritage.

For example, he discovered that his grandfather had been a travelling minister, singer and songwriter, and that his family had deep roots in Southern Gospel music.

As such, The McGuire Side is not simply a collection of songs, but musical stories capturing the emotion of everything he has discovered over the years.

The feelings of missed opportunities and abandonment are woven into the music, as well as a sense of hope and new belongings.

“I started to see this story emerging," he explains.

"It was like a tapestry with pieces from my dad, my grandfather and me. It was all about redemption, reconciliation, and embracing a lost family heritage.”