Fusion focuses on community-building during Olympics

Fusion is bringing people from 15 countries to take part in a pilgrimage of hope during the Olympic Games.

From 22 July, 75 people from South America, Africa, Europe, China and Australia will be helping communities in the UK to enjoy the Games.

After three days of training in community transformation, the pilgrims will head off in teams of 10 to work alongside local Christians in running community events, such as youth cafes, kids clubs and festivals.

The outreach draws its inspiration from the legacy of small groups of Christians that made a huge impact, such as the Clapham Sect, which included William Wilberforce and campaigned successfully for an end to the slave trade.

After eight days of mission, pilgrims will travel to Iona and Lindisfarne to retrace the steps of some of the heroes of the Christian faith.

A focus point for the pilgrims will be learning what it means to live fully for Christ and bringing his love to others.

Koko Lamkang coordinates the work of Fusion in South Asia, where teams of Christians are serving communities in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

He explains why taking part in the pilgrimage is so important to him.

“I wanted to come to the pilgrimage to help build God’s kingdom and to encourage the body of Christ.

“I hope to get a first hand education on how Christianity transformed England.”

Francis Tsimese, from Ghana, says: “It will be a real privilege to learn new skills from others as we share stories from the global village, hopefully make new friends as we network together.

“I am looking forward to the excitement, the hard work, fellowship of kingdom brothers and sisters.

“I think for me coming to the UK is an opportunity to meet the Fusion family and share fellowship together as we work out what it means for us to work in the vine yard of the Lord.”