'Frozen 2' release date: Kristen Bell gives update on script

Promotional image for the animated short film "Frozen Fever"Facebook/DisneyFrozen

"Frozen 2" is one of the most highly anticipated animated films, given how successful the first film had become, earning well over $1 Billion worldwide. Actress Kristen Bell, who voices Princess Anna, has given an update confirming that they haven't begun recording for the movie as the script is still in development.

Speaking to Collider, Bell explained that they have been actively doing voice work for the characters but not for "Frozen 2." Instead, these voice recordings are for other projects associated with "Frozen 2" and that the script is still in its final stages.

"We haven't, actually. I thought we were about to start recording, but I was mistaken," she explained. "So, we haven't begun yet. They're putting the finishing touches on the script. We record, as those characters, often. At the change of season at the parks, whether it's for Disneyland, Epcot, or when Japan opens, we will record new voices for our characters, but we actually haven't started recording for the second 'Frozen,'" the actress went on to say.

Bell did confirm that they have already finished work on an Olaf Christmas special which will be released next year, similar to the short film "Frozen Fever." It is likely that the cast is still waiting for the final script so that they could get back to the studios and begin working on "Frozen 2."

This will also debunk a previous rumor that has begun spreading across the Internet which suggests that the second film would no longer star the original cast, including Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, and Idina Menzel. The rumor stated that the cast had quit and that "Frozen 2" would focus on a brand new prince looking for his love interest.

Kristen Bell's statements have confirmed that the original cast is indeed returning and that the movie will continue the story of Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, and Olaf.

As of the moment, no official release date has been announced for "Frozen 2."