'Fresh Off the Boat' season 2 premiere: Eddie Huang remains as narrator

Showrunner Nahnatchka Khan revealed that "Fresh Off the Boat" will keep Eddie Huang as the series' narrator and, according to a report from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, he is still cooperating with the show's creators despite his tweets earlier this year revealing his disdain for the show. 

"He's as involved as he's ever been," Khan confirmed in the report. "He's provided the source material, so he's always involved in terms of that. If there is a narrator, it would be Eddie. It won't be suddenly Honey narrating or somebody else." 

However, it is pointed out by a report from AsAmNews that the season 2 premiere episode does not feature Huang as the narrator. Instead, Evan (Ian Cheng) starts the episode, but it basically serves as a recap of the first season instead of a true narration. It is possible that the rest of the season will not feature any narration at all. 

The report also cites an anonymous source working for the series who explained the second season will no longer feature any narrations from Huang or from anyone else for that matter. 

"Fresh Off the Boat" is based on the book "Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir" which showcases the life of Huang when he was a child. However, Deadline reported that Huang has stated via Twitter that he no longer watches the show and that after the premiere episode, it has gone to tell a different story from what really happened in the course of his life. 

"I had to say something because I stood by the pilot," reads his Twitter posts. "After that it got so far from the truth that I don't recognize my own life. I don't think it is helping us to perpetuate an artificial representation of Asian American lives, and we should address it." 

"Fresh Off the Boat" season 2 premieres this Sept. 22.