Franklin Graham Slams Time Magazine For Comparison Of Hillary Clinton To Moses

Franklin GrahamFacebook/Franklin Graham

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham has condemned Time magazine for comparing Hillary Clinton to Moses.

Time says that Clinton was, like Moses, an imperfect prophet who led her people only to the edge of the Promised Land.

In a Facebook post, Graham writes: "Hillary Clinton an American Moses??

"Today TIME magazine named Donald J. Trump as their person of the year. And, oddly enough, they also called Hillary Clinton an 'American Moses'.

"Maybe TIME should check their Bible. I find that a very interesting parallel. Moses led the children of Israel to wander around in the wilderness for 40 years. I wonder if TIME was saying that if Hillary Clinton were elected, she would have led us into the wilderness?"

Earlier this year, Graham spoke warmly about the election of Donald Trump. In an interview with Christian Today, he predicted Trump would put together the best team in Washington that America has seen for many years and said there was "no question" that God had a hand in the election result.

Time chose Trump as its "Person of the Year".

The magazine wrote that Trump had "magnified the divisions of the present, inspiring new levels of anger and fear within his country." 

And by seeking to condemn the dark side of politics, Clinton's campaign may have accidently validated it.

"By believing in the myth that Obama's election represented a permanent shift for the nation, they proved it was ephemeral. In the end, Trump reveled in these denunciations, which helped him market to his core supporters his determination to smash the existing elite."

On Clinton, Time said: "In her 1969 commencement address to her class at Wellesley College, Clinton called politics 'the art of making what appears to be impossible possible.' In this, she has succeeded. Like an American Moses, she was an imperfect prophet, leading women to the edge of the Promised Land. Now it's up to another woman to enter it."

Fox News comments that Time admits Trump was the real change-maker of 2016 but also rags him as a "huckster" and "demagogue" while reserving its most glowing praise for Clinton.

Fox says the article on Clinton is "worlds away from the fulminating darkness that permeates the Trump piece."

"The opening paragraph reads more like the prologue of St. John's Gospel than an essay on a presidential runner-up," Fox adds.