Franklin Graham says American military is at its weakest, hopes next president will be able to restore its might

Rev. Franklin Graham says Islamic jihadists hate the Bible and want Americans to be subject to Sharia law and the god they worship.(BGEA)

Reverend Franklin Graham is deploring the current state of the U.S. military, and he is sincerely hoping that the country's next president would be able to restore the country's military might.

"In the GOP debate on Thursday one of the moderators questioned whether the military would use waterboarding or other methods to get information out of enemy terrorists. There are of course many legal considerations, but I can say this for sure. Our military has been cut back – and held back – by the current Administration," Graham writes on his Facebook page.

"By some analyses, the U.S. military is at its weakest since the end of World War II, while the threats against us are increasing. Whoever the next president of the United States ends up being, I pray it will be someone who will listen to our generals, admirals, and the CIA," he continues.

For the sake of the country's future, Graham is praying that the next president will support the military to do what it needs to do and protect the country as well as its "dearly held freedoms."

"These freedoms are what the Islamists hate and want to take away. They hate the God of the Bible, and they hate those who follow Him," he says. "If you're an American, they hate you whether you're a liberal or conservative. They want you to be subject to Sharia law and the god they worship. The god of Islam requires followers to die for him."

Graham considers himself quite fortunate that the God he serves already sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for his sins. If people only put their faith and trust in Him, Graham assures them that God will forgive them and their sins, too.