Franklin Graham slams atheist group's bid to take down 'God bless the military' sign

Reverend Franklin Graham cannot believe why anyone would find the 'God bless the Military sign in Hawaii 'divisive.'Reuters

Reverend Franklin Graham believes that America's military needs love, support, and prayers. This is why he is flabbergasted by the demand made by an atheist group to remove the "God bless the military" sign in Hawaii.

"Now an atheist group is demanding the removal of a 'God bless the military' sign on a US Marine Corp base in Hawaii. And the sign has been up since it was erected after 9/11! The group says it is 'divisive.' You've got to be kidding me!" he wrote on his Facebook page.

He agrees with the statement made by Chaplain Justin "Chappy" Roberts who said the sign "has been a source of hope and comfort for over 10 years."

Graham also cited a report by Fox News that around 22 veterans commit suicide on a daily basis. The American evangelist said veterans need to receive prayers and the Word of God.

Another area of concern with regards to the American uniformed personnel is sexual abuse. Graham shared the story of Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, who was wrongfully discharged from service for reporting a sexual abuse case.

"While serving in Afghanistan, he and another soldier didn't look the other way as they were reportedly ordered, but confronted a local police commander who was sexually abusing young boys," Graham wrote. "It's a disgusting practice, said to be a display of power in that culture."

According to Fox News, the Army has a policy of ordering soldiers to ignore child abuse by Afghan allies. However, the issue is now being heavily reviewed, and Graham hopes some positive changes will be made.

"Martland was informed this week that his request for appeal to avoid being forcibly discharged from the military was denied. If you ask me, this 11-year Green Beret is a hero and should be given a medal for doing the right thing!" he said.