Franklin Graham finds it 'hard to swallow' that Caitlyn Jenner got 'Courage Award'

Franklin Graham believes it is not right to honour the 'very confused' Caitlyn Jenner as a hero before the entire world.(Facebook/Franklin Graham)

American evangelist Franklin Graham still cannot believe that Caitlyn Jenner, who is formerly Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner, is being honoured with the ESPN ESPY Award for Courage for undergoing sex change.

"I find this hard to swallow after spending time with wounded military veterans and their spouses with Operation Heal Our Patriots — they are true heroes and their lives define courage," he wrote on his Facebook page. "Some have had 30 or 40 surgeries, not to change their gender, but to try to put their bodies back together after defending our country."

He called Jenner a "very confused" person, and stressed that it is not right to proclaim her a "hero" before the entire world since it sends the wrong message.

"Give me a break. If you want an example of real courage, it's when Jesus Christ willingly allowed Himself to become your sin and died in your place on the cross — the Righteous One for the unrighteous," he said.

Another person Graham is lauding for bravery is Judge C. Allen McConnell, who refused to honour a lesbian marriage despite the Supreme Court's ruling legalising same-same marriage throughout the United States.

"Here's a judge who's got it right and fears God more than man!" praised Graham. "McConnell, who is a former Toledo, Ohio, NAACP chapter leader, said he declined to perform the marriage 'based upon my personal and Christian beliefs established over many years. I apologise to the couple for the delay they experienced and wish them the best.'"

Graham added that the world needs more people like McConnell, who are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs no matter what the rest of the world says.

"Pray for him and other judges, along with clerks, magistrates, and more who are now faced with the same dilemma," he further urged. "May they be as bold."