Franklin Graham: Christians shouldn't vote for 'progressive' candidates

Franklin Graham has warned followers away from political candidates who describe themselves as 'progressives'.

The son of the late evangelist Billy Graham referred to elections for Wisconsin's Supreme Court on Wednesday where the liberal leaning candidate Rebecca Dallet won over the Republican backed Michael Screnock.

(Facebook/Franklin Graham)Franklin Graham is one of Trump's most loyal evangelical supporters.

'If Christians had come out to vote, this seat wouldn't have been lost,' Graham told his followers. 'It's not the time to be silent – it's time to make positive change for our children & grandchildren.'

In a series of tweets Graham urged Christians to vote in the mid-term elections and although he held back from endorsing either party, he made clear that Christians should avoid 'progressive' candidates.

The president of Samaritan's Purse is a loyal Trump supporter and prayed at the president's inauguration. He has frequently defended Trump in the wake of heavy criticism and has been outspoken in his enthusiasm for Trump's policies in support of Christians.

Ahead of the 2016 presidential election he did held a 'Decision America' tour across 50 states urging Christians to vote. Although he held back from endorsing either candidate he left no doubts about who had his support.