Francis Chan: The importance of submission and authority

Francis Chan talks about the importance of submission.

Popular Christian speaker and author Francis Chan addressed the importance of submission and authority in a sermon entitled 'Be Subject to One Another'.

Chan said certain people are placed in our lives in order to help shape character, but sometimes it is hard to accept these people, especially when opinions clash.

He said society is used to disrespecting authority and he fears that the same attitude might be brought over to the church.

"This is the world we live in, one that hates authority, and that's why you have people that question God for His laws, saying, 'He has no right to govern me.' Just like 'The President has no right,' just like 'That teacher has no right,' just like you as parents 'have no right,'" he lamented.

Chan shared the Bible verses Romans 13:1-7, where the Apostle Paul calls on the people to respect those who have been given positions of authority. He said God wants people to follow their nation's laws, even though people don't necessarily agree with them. However, this should only be done to the extent that they do not go against the word of God.

"There comes a time where laws may be set up in the land that directly oppose Scripture," he said. "But up to that point, you submit to those authorities because God put them there. He put them there for a reason."

Chan said Jesus Himself was submissive to God. He would not do anything unless God told Him to do it, and He does not say anything unless God wills Him to say it. And Chan says people should follow suit with their own figures of authority.

"We actually pray for the authorities. We speak well of them, we respect them. It's different in the kingdom," he said.