Former Abortionist Says Killing Unborn Babies Is 'Barbaric,' Credits God for Helping Him Realise It Was Wrong


Dr. Vansen Wong, a former atheist and abortionist, used to think that there was nothing wrong with abortion. He thought abortion helped women since it gave them the chance to choose the lives they wanted for themselves.

Wong was first introduced to abortion when a fellow doctor asked him to help out with the procedure, according to the St. Louis Review. Because he wanted to stand with women and not be "judgmental" about their choices, Wong said "yes."

The doctor thought he was helping women, particularly those who had been victims of rape and those whose lives are being endangered by their pregnancy. At the same time, he was earning more from the practice.

But Wong started to change his mind after he found out that more and more women were getting pregnant for the most inconceivable reasons. "It's not the right time," they would say.

In one instance, Wong said a mother had her pregnancy terminated because she was going on a European trip. He began to feel tired of being an abortionist, and eventually saw the evil behind the practice.

To complete every abortion, Wong would use a clear tube that would suction fetuses from the womb. "It looks like a fairly innocuous device," he said. "It's the size of a large straw and it's bendable, but it's responsible for the deaths of millions of unborn babies."

For seven years, Wong used that device. Now, he blames himself for the death of hundreds of unborn babies. His guilt and misery drove him to church, where he finally received God's love and forgiveness.

"Maybe God is telling me abortion is wrong," Wong said. "It crept in — the realisation that every person is created in God's image."

The abortionist gave up his career and sought post-abortion counselling so he could learn to forgive himself. Now, he works as the medical director of the Alternatives Pregnancy Center in Sacramento.

Every chance he gets, Wong tells people that abortion is "barbaric" and "intolerable," and "has no place in any civilised society."

He said he remains hopeful that the future generation can help curb the practice of abortion.