Former American Idol finalist shares how he found strength in God in the face of life-threatening illness

YouTube/Scott MacIntyreScott and Christina MacIntyre appear in a screen capture of the trailer for the documentary "I Am Hope."

Scott MacIntyre, who became the first blind finalist in American Idol in 2009, has shared how his faith in God has helped him while he was battling kidney failure that began in his late teens.

At the age of 19, MacIntyre was diagnosed with stage-four kidney failure, requiring him to undergo emergency dialysis.

He was able to receive a kidney transplant when he was 22, allowing him to compete in the eighth season American Idol.

However, he started experiencing kidney problems again in 2014, eight years after undergoing his first transplant. MacIntyre, who was born blind, soon realized that he could only rely on his faith in God as he suffered extreme exhaustion due to his illness. His health problems had also affected his ability to sing and play the piano.

The singer was able to receive a second kidney transplant in 2015 after a mother of three decided to donate a kidney to him.

MacIntyre and his donor met for the first time six weeks after the transplant.

"I can't even begin to put into words how much I appreciate what she did for me. She gave me the chance to keep living and doing what I love," he said in a 2016 interview, as reported by People.

A year after undergoing his second surgery, his wife, Christina, gave birth to their first child, Christian Scott MacIntyre.

The singer said that his anonymous donor not only saved his life, but also allowed him to "create a new life."

MacIntyre recounted his experiences in waiting for his second kidney transplant in a new documentary titled "I Am Hope: Scott MacIntyre's Inspirational Transplant Journey."

His wife said that her faith in God and her love for her husband has grown because of the challenges they faced while waiting for a donor.

The singer said that his experiences taught both of them "how to find joy in the middle of the struggle."

"Going through a kidney transplant twice now has really helped me to understand a lot more about God's greater gift of eternal life," he said during an appearance on The Billy Hallowell Podcast.

"Here I was powerless to save myself until my kidney donors stepped in and gave me the gift of life. Well, we're all powerless to save ourselves from sin until Jesus Christ offers us the much greater gift of eternal life on the cross," he continued.