'Flash' comics news: Upcoming storyline sees Wally West and Barry Allen fighting

DC Comics official websitePromotional photo for the Flash in the official DC comics website.

The fastest man wins in the "Flash War," as the upcoming DC comics story arc pits Barry Allen's Flash against the original Flash, Wally West.

DC comics has just announced at their Metal and The New Age of DC Heroes panel at New York Comic-Con that "Flash War" will be the newest and one of the most exciting twist in the Flash universe for DC. The script for the comic book arc will be penned by "Flash" writer Josh Williamson with art and colors by Christian Duce while the cover will be created separately by Howard Porter. 

The upcoming story arc will also answer the long-running "Flash" fandom question of who is the better Flash between Barry and Wally. This plot came about because Williamson noticed an inherent rivalry between the fans of both versions of the Flash. Williamson then took it upon himself to end the debate once and for all.

According to Den of Geek, the upcoming story arc may be stemming out from the events of "DC Universe: Rebirth," where Wally returns to the DC universe after spending 10 years wandering in the Speed Force, the source of Flash's power, as a result of "Flashpoint."

It should be noted that fans have not been bothered by comparisons of speed or power; the central debate tries to figure out which Flash is the best overall. Traditionally, Barry's Flash has been presented as the faster of the two, while Wally's powers remain to be seen, as his time spent out of sync in the DC universe, as well as his heart condition, may have affected his speed.

The Comic-Con panel, however, did not specify what type of contest the two will be having. Whether it will be a violent bout or a friendly competition remains to be seen. Williamson enthused to fans in the panel "Let's see who's the best Flash. That's one of the ramifications that comes out of "Metal... We have 'Flash War' coming out." He promised that by issue #46 of "Flash," fans will know who won the race between the two fastest men in the DC universe.

"Flash Annual" #1, which revolves around the "Flash War," comes out on Jan. 31, 2018 and will have 46 issues.