'Fixer Upper' news: Chip and Joana start a Target home goods product line with affordable items

YouTube/HGTVChip makes Joanna laugh in the "Fixer Upper" outtakes.

Viewers of "Fixer Upper" who had wished that the show's Chip and Joana Gaines could come to their homes and do the designs will now have their wishes granted — part of it at least — as Target partners up with Chip and Joana for their new home goods line.

"Hearth & Hand with Magnolia" is a home and lifestyle brand created for Target by Magnolia's and collaborators Chip and Joanna. Together, they have the goal of sharing their commitment and aesthetic taste to the community, and they believe that their goods represent the beauty of a moment shared with their family and friends.

The products will also be sold exclusively at Target. In one of Chip's announcements at Magnolia, he expressed that he, his wife, as well as Target, had never done an exclusive line of goods before. He then compared their venture to a little shop inside of Target, one that Joanna thought looked like a "modern farmhouse."

More importantly, since most of the items are from Target, they will be sold at $30, at most, as confirmed by Fox News. Target also stated on its official website that "Hearth & Hand with Magnolia" will boast an impressive 300 item inventory, entailing items like tabletops, home décors, and gift items. These will reflect Magnolia's modern take on houses and will be updated each season.

For the uninitiated, Chip and Joana are hosts of the hit and highly rated American TV series "Fixer Upper" from HGTV, now on its fourth season. The show features the couple taking on dilapidated and hopeless households and turning them into renovated homes that help reinvigorate the neighborhoods of Texas. Chip handles the construction and realty aspect of Magnolia while his wife Joana is the lead designer. 

Fans and interior design buffs who want to grab hold of the aforementioned goods might have to wait a while though, as the product line is set for a Nov. 5 release date.