Fist of Jesus zombie-slaying game is a far cry from 'blessed are the peacemakers'

(Photo: Mutant Games)

If depictions of Jesus as the soft fluffy Lamb of God or "everybody's friend" holding the hands of children are your thing you'll maybe want to give "Fist of Jesus" a wide berth.

Mutant Games have just released the new arcade-style game and their take on the Son of God is an interesting one.

There will be no "turning the other cheek" in this gory game, just Jesus ripping out the hearts of zombies instead.

It's all pretty over the top and tongue in cheek so only approach if you can see the funny side of Jesus unleashing some "divine" punishments on the living dead who cross his path.

"Something went wrong with Lazarus' resurrection and the world is now full of Zombies," said Mutant Games.

"Help Jesus and Judas to fight the zombie infection using amazing combos, divine punishments and special attacks! Cowboys, the Roman army, mythological creatures and steampunk technology come together in this 80s style beat 'em up, all packed with lots of fun! What more could you want?"

The game released via Kiss Ltd for PC digital download last Friday at $9.99 / £7.99.