'Fire Emblem Warriors' adds new character, gets Nintendo Switch and 3DS release date

There's a new character added to the "Fire Emblem Warriors" hack-and-slash spin-off game, as announced by the developer during the Nintendo Direct on Sept. 13.

Fan-favorite hero Lyn is joining the roster of characters in the game, which will be released for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS this October.

Lyn was one of the main characters in "Fire Emblem" for the Game Boy Advance, the first game in the installment to be released outside of Japan. Other original characters confirmed to make an appearance are twins Shion and Lian as well as two other characters named Darios and Yuana. Chrom and Marth have also been confirmed to join the game.

"Fire Emblem Warriors" is a spin-off from the "Dynasty Warriors" kind of gameplay. The characters will come from the rosters of " Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light," "Fire Emblem Awakening" and "Fire Emblem Fates."

While "Fire Emblem Warriors" will be drawing characters from each of the three, not all protagonists will be joining the ensemble of the upcoming game. This is because all the protagonists of the game would then be wielding swords, according to Japanese magazine Famitsu (via Gematsu).

Nevertheless, the game will not be short of playable characters, as the different classes will retain their unique capabilities. Cavaliers will still battle while atop their horses and Archers will still be highly effective against the Pegasus Knights.

"Fire Emblem Warriors" will come with a special edition release in addition to the regular game. The premium version, which will retail for $80, will come with three music CDs, 25 5-by-7 character art cards, a slipcase for the cards and a two-sided poster featuring the game's many characters as well as the titles where they each first appeared.

"Fire Emblem Warriors" will come out for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS on Oct. 20.