'Finding Carter' season 2B spoilers: Carter meets her half-brother in 'Native Son'


The second half of "Finding Carter" season 2 will be here Oct. 6. In the midseason premiere titled "Native Son," fans of the MTV series, which has songs for episode titles, will get to meet Carter's long-lost secret half-brother Ben.

In an inteview with MTV, Ben Winchell, who portrays Ben, says, "Ben has had a little bit of a troubled past. He's been in and out of foster homes his whole life and we start to see maybe some people from his past coming back into his life which gets a little tricky."

In the trailer released for "Finding Carter" season 2B, it is shown that Ben lives with Lori. Carter warns him that he doesn't know what he is getting into staying under one roof with Lori. "You don't know her," she said. Ben then responded, "You don't know me."

It also seems like Carter will work on trying to change that. However, Crash will urge her not to pursue that, revealing to her that Ben is into something she has no idea about and she is better of not knowing. He convinces her that learning more about him is something she would not really want to do.

"Ben makes money very creatively and his shady deals may or may not backfire on him this season. You never really know what his true intentions are, so he's always going to keep you guessing," Winchell further explained of his character in "Finding Carter" season 2B.

The trailer also shows Carter working in bar to save up. She will be romantically involved with an older, rugged man named Jared, to be played by "Twilight" star Jackson Rathbone. It is teased that his character will make Carter feel more grownup and free.

"Finding Carter" season 2B premieres Oct 6 at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.