Final Fantasy 7 remake release date not yet confirmed but game due by September 30

Square Enix

There is still no release date set for the remake of Final Fantasy VII but it is expected to be launched by September 30 this year.

Fans who are expecting the game to have a Nintendo NX version may have to deal with some disappointment as Square Enix has announced that they are not planning to develop an NX compatible version of the remake.

According to Game N Guide, eager followers of the franchise should not be disheartened over the lack of updates about the game as game director Tetsuya Nomua personally confirmed with Japanese magazine Famitsu that the game is in development and assured that they will keep fans apprised of updates as they happen. He said that they are working towards a big reveal. He also teased that this new and improved version will give gamers a chance to go beyond the story and experience the game in a whole new way.

"I know I haven't given any information in a while, but please rest assured that work is moving forward steadily," Nomura said. "We are currently getting specifics ready for the next information release... We plan to bring a whole lot out in one go instead of dribs and drabs, so please look forward to it. I am looking forward to the reveals myself," he said.

As a homage to the franchise, the remake will be released in multiple episodes to stay true to the original story.

While the FF7 remake will not likely be released on Nintendo NX, it seems that Final Fantasy XV will also not be joining the games to be released in the new platform, reported University Herald.

Game director Hajime Tabata has recently said that there are currently no plans to develop FF XV for NX but fans shouldn't lose hope that this will not be included in future developments.