'Final Fantasy XV' release date, news: PC version, multiplayer campaign releasing at future date?

A promotional image from "Final Fantasy XV"Square Enix

It looks like Square Enix will be busy after "Final Fantasy XV" is released next month, as many fans are hoping to see co-op in the game.

During an interview with Hobby Consoles (as translated by MOG Net Central user Lulost), director Hajime Tabata spoke about the possibility of this bold addition, saying that they will be looking into it after the game rolls out.

He emphasized that while "Final Fantasy XV" was "developed as a single-player experience," they could add in some multiplayer elements "if people really want something like that."

"It's very tough to convert a single-player game that was designed as such to a multiplayer game. Even though the possibilities aren't zero-percent it's complicated, let's not discard it for the future," he went on to say.

Meanwhile, he also spoke about "Final Fantasy XV" being ported to the PlayStation 4 Pro and the PC, saying that both versions will take a lot of time to make, something they do not have the luxury of at the moment.

Tabata explained that they were not able to take full advantage of the capabilities of the PS4 Pro due to its unexpected release and the fact that it would take time.

This means that there will be no extra configurations for "Final Fantasy XV" for the next-generation console in terms of the graphics and the resolution.

As for the PC version, Tabata said that Square Enix will have to "readjust a lot of stuff and concentrate solely on developing it" should they decide to do it.

It will consume time (he said a year in a half in a previous interview), which is why a PC version for "Final Fantasy XV" is not planned at the moment, although Tabata said his team is interested in doing on someday.

"Final Fantasy XV" will be released on Nov. 29. Fans who will attend the Paris Games Week on Thursday, Oct. 27 can expect Tabata to headline a presentation of the game there.