'Final Fantasy VII' remake news: Producer Yoshinori Kitase talks about plans

The reactions to the current plans for the "Final Fantasy VII" remake have been mixed at best, and it has prompted the game's producer to address some of the fans' worries.

In a post shared on the Square Enix blog, the game's producer Yoshinori Kitase talked about why the team behind the game has made the decisions it has thus far. 

First off, Kitase touched on the issue of translating the scale of the original "Final Fantasy VII" game to a remake that would be fitting of its legacy. Kitase revealed that one of the stumbling blocks that always stood in the way of a "Final Fantasy VII" remake was the fact that the project itself would be a massive undertaking. 

The game's producer then elaborated on why it was then announced that the "Final Fantasy VII" remake would be released as a multi-part series. Kitase indicated that some fans had already reached the right conclusion in suggesting that releasing the remake in any other way would have meant that essential bits of the game's story would have to be eliminated. Doing so would have meant that the remake would essentially become just a condensed version of "Final Fantasy VII," according to Kitase.

Kitase ended his post by saying that he hopes fans will come to "appreciate the size of this project and what we have planned for this remake," before making a promise to deliver more surprises in the future.

Aside from being a multi-part release, the "Final Fantasy VII" remake will also feature a revamped battle system, PC Mag reported.

The original game featured a turn-based battle system, while the remake appears to feature more action game-based fighting. The remake is also believed to feature more changes that have yet to be officially announced.

More details about the "Final Fantasy VII" remake are expected to be revealed soon.