'Final Fantasy 7' remake release date, news: Square Enix in need of more team members to increase game quality

In-game screenshot of the 1997 role-playing video game, "Final Fantasy 7"Facebook/FinalFantasyVII

It looks like Square Enix is taking the "Final Fantasy 7" ("FF7") remake very seriously as the game studio recently posted a job listing to look for level planners to join the development team. The reason for the hiring is to increase the game quality of the upcoming remake. Given that the fans have such high expectations for the game due to the success of the original, Square Enix wouldn't want the "FF7" remake to be a disappointment.

According to Siliconera, the latest job advertisement from Square Enix is seen as an effort on the studio's end to meet the fans' expectations. It appears that the company has come to realize the enormity of the "Final Fantasy 7" remake production. The additional pro-level workers for the game will ensure that the remake will be heading toward the right track, or just how the fans would like the game to turn out. 

IGN reported that Square Enix's job listing aims to increase the size of the current core dev team for "Final Fantasy 7" remake, although it does not seem like a last-minute reaction due to an increasing workload. The more people the studio gets to hire in the team, the more fresh ideas can be contributed for the remake's benefit. Specifically, Square Enix is looking for level planners, battle planners, designers and engineers to help with the ongoing "Final Fantasy 7" remake production.

While there are no confirmed details yet regarding the changes in the gameplay and character design in "Final Fantasy 7" remake, the game director himself, Tetsuya Nomura, teased at the 30th-anniversary "Final Fantasy" series exhibit that the "FF7" lead character, Cloud, will sport a brand-new look in the remake. Specifically, the fans can expect Cloud to sport a dorky appearance and less mature attitude, in contrast with his jock persona as depicted in the previous "Final Fantasy 7" cartoon adaptations.

The "Final Fantasy 7" remake is not expected to drop anytime soon, with the production still in its early stages. The remastered version could be ready in another three years if the latest reports are anything to go by.