'Final Fantasy 15' online multiplayer release date news: Multiplayer mode live next week

Square Enix
Promotional photo for "Final Fantasy XV: Comrades"

"Final Fantasy 15" has been released for almost a year now but the game just keeps evolving. With the anticipated multiplayer update coming, players will be excited to know that it will go live by Nov. 15.

Square Enix teased its loyal fans with a video showcasing this new multiplayer mode. It came out of the blue as many would have expected it to come out during the Tokyo Game Show. There is not much players can get from the footage, of course, except for the ones seen in the video.

According to GameSpot, a maximum of four players can simultaneously play in the multiplayer mode. Each player gets to make and control their custom-made heroes. All four heroes will be members of Kingsglaive army. Quests along their journey will either be requiring multiple members from the party or just one player alone.

The storyline of the multiplayer mode picks up from the main game, specifically from chapter 13. Although players who have not completed chapter 13 are suggested to finish this first, they are still allowed to try out the multiplayer game. However, Polygon mentions that there is a big spoiler about Comrades' story waiting for them if they want to get ahead of themselves.

However, as exciting as the story sounds, it is more of the character creation that many seem to look forward to the most. Players can edit various features from their hairstyle to their fashion. They even made room for female heroes as Comrades now allow players to play as a female hero. This is a big plus for girl gamers especially since majority of "Final Fantasy 15's" heroes are male.

Those who want to try this as soon as it comes out can get it for $25 either as part of the season pass or just to buy it on its own. There are sure to be tons of downloadable contents still to come out with one featuring Ignis already scheduled for December.