Film on religious persecution pulled from YouTube – and it's makers are wondering why

A group of filmmakers in Missouri are wondering why their short film on religious persecution was pulled from YouTube.

Josh Troester posted his movie, "Chased," to YouTube and was surprised to find that it was removed from the video sharing platform a short while later.

The notification sent to Troester reportedly read: "Your video has been removed from YouTube ... The YouTube community flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate."

He appealed the decision, claiming that the 33-minute video did not violate the site's Community guidelines. But his appeal was rejected by YouTube.

"After further review of the content, we've determined that your video does violate our Community Guidelines and have upheld our original decision," another email from YouTube purportedly read

When a friend attempted to post the film via their account, it was again removed.

"Chased" is a short film that imagines what life would be like for believers in the U.S. if the persecution seen in parts of the Middle East were to spread to home turf. It imagines a U.S. where church is illegal and Christians must practise their faith in secret, or otherwise risk violent consequences.  

The film, Troester says on the website, is designed to make viewers listen to the voices of those who are already living with that reality.

"The movie was written to paint a picture of what persecution would look like in our own backyard," Troester explained

Efforts to find out exactly why "Chased" was removed have failed to yield any answers.

The film's writer, Emily Weaver told The Blaze: "We are trying to get "We are trying to get an answer as to why YouTube banned our short faith-based film, but all they will say is that it violates community standards."

"Chased" can be watched here