Fight over 'religious differences' erupts in German refugee camp

A fight between over one hundred refugees over "religious differences" had to be stopped by German police over the weekend.

Three people were injured during the brawl in a home for asylum seekers in Niederau near Dresden, authorities say. It took about 30 officers to break up the fight which appears to have been instigated by an Afghan man who was taken into custody.

Germany has adopted a generous approach to migrants but Chancellor Merkel is facing a backlash as supporters of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) demonstrate against the German government's new policy for migrants in Erfurt, Germany.Reuters

The fight between about 40 Afghans and about 60 from other nationalities broke out over "religious differences," said the authorities.

A "comprehensive solution" to Europe's migration crisis needs to be found at the summit of EU and Balkan nations, Serbia's prime minister said following the incident.

Aleksandar Vucic was speaking before travelling to Brussels on Sunday where he met with leaders of other countries struggling to cope with the tens of thousands of refugees arriving from the Middle East.

Vucic said he expected "hard, not very pleasant" talks but insisted Serbia was not afraid of its "responsibility," would not follow Hungary's example and will "not put up any walls."

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the EU Commission, said after the summit that the Balkan states and Greece will increase their reception capacity to 100,000.

"Where national capacities fall short the EU civil protection mechanism [the states] should" provide more temporary shelter, said Juncker.

In Greece alone, Juncker said that Athens promised the reception capacity will be increased to 30,000 by the end of the year, with the United Nations providing capacity for 20,000 more.

Almost 250,000 migrants have passed through the Balkans since mid-September alone and the flow is not expected to stop as winter arrives.