'FIFA 18' Team of the Year news, release date: Prediction for winners

EA SportsCristiano Ronaldo, one of the nominees for the final XI in "FIFA 18"

The winners of the gamer and developer votes for "FIFA 18's" Ultimate Team of the Year player card lineup have been predicted, and while the voting for whoever should win has ended, gamers can use said predictions as a baseline for expectations.

This time around, things are a lot more exciting for "FIFA 18" since 60 percent of the vote for the winners of Team of the Year will come from the gamers, community members, chosen individuals, media partners, and even athletes, while 40 percent will be from the developers. This means that high-profile gamers could ultimately decide which players from the teams of "FIFA 18" will be included.

Website Gamesradar has published its predictions on who they think will be the winners out of all the 55 nominees to be included in the Team of the Year. The list includes David De Gea for the Goalkeeper, Dani Alves for the Running Back, Leonardo Bonucci or Sergio Ramos for the Cornerbacks, Marcelo for the Linebacker, Kevin de Bruyne, Luka Modric, or N'Golo Kante for the Central Midfielders, Lionel Messi for the Right Winger, Neymar for the Left Winger, and Cristiano Ronaldo for the Striker.

This was based on the analysis of hashtags and in-game trends for the game. Of course, things could still change based on the developer votes since most data available was just from the community. That said, the "FIFA 18" community making up 60 percent of the vote could mean that the discrepancies between predictions and actual winning results may not be too big. Hence, everyone could be looking at the final XI team based on Gamespot's predictions.

It should be noted that the nominees for Team of the Year this January were based on the performances of the actual players last year. Meanwhile, those selected by Electronic Arts (EA) include some of the most prominent internet celebrities and YouTubers which usually have the same level of popularity as Hollywood celebrities also chosen to vote.

The results for the Team of the Year voting will be announced on Monday, Jan. 15.