Fidget Spinner Simulator news: New DLC for 'Premium Members' is a lot more expensive than the game itself

PixabayFidget spinners have seen a remarkable surge in popularity this year. Are they an analogy for the triune God, or a damnable heresy?

There are many absurd games in the market, and so far, the Fidget Spinner Simulator in Steam is the latest to join the bunch. The latest downloadable content (DLC) might surprise players of this game even more when the price tag is higher than the price of the game itself. Why own a real fidget spinner when there is a simulator?

As revealed in this NeoGAF forum post, the latest Fidget Spinner Simulator DLC is called the "Premium Member DLC," and this DLC has a few perks to go with it. This downloadable content unlocks the Premium Member achievement, and comes with a Premium gold-plated fidget spinner as well as a gold plated vape.

However, the surprising detail lies in its price tag. The Fidget Spinner Simulator costs only $1 from Steam, but this Premium Member DLC costs around $50. For those who decide to purchase this until Aug. 14, the game's developer RedSquare Studios has a special discount of 40 percent, marking it down to the $30 mark. It is a bit surprising to know that the downloadable content costs a lot more than the actual game itself. The reason for this remains to be seen.

Those who have managed to get their hands on the DLC claim that some features have yet to work, including the vape. There is also an issue where riding on the game's two maps tends to make the player fall into the scenery as well as the very flat landscape.

Naturally, to get this DLC, players must have the base game first. Players can ride a hoverboard while whirling their fidget spinners and inhaling on their vape. This game received mostly positive reviews on the gaming platform since its launch a few weeks ago. The Fidget Spinner Simulator also includes a multiplayer feature where players can create private lobbies to ride hoverboards with their friends.