'Fast and Furious 7' late star Paul Walker's mother files for divorce


Paul Walker, who was one of the major stars of the action movie franchise "Fast & Furious", is still making news months after his death. But this time, the news isn't about the actor himself. Rather, TMZ reports that Paul's parents Cheryl and Paul Walker III will be having a divorce.

Cheryl, Paul's mother, is filing for divorce just nine months after her son died in a car accident while joining a Thanksgiving event for a successful charity. Paul rode with friend and race car driver Roger Rodas in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT when both of them suffered a fatal car accident. The coroner ruled out foul play as cause of death and concluded that it was speed that killed the actor and his friend.

TMZ reports that Cheryl has documents to prove that she and her husband have not been together for 12 years already. Paul's parents were married for 30 years. However, the marriage was always a turbulent one. According to TMZ, the separation wasn't amicable at all.

A source told TMZ that the divorce has nothing to do with their son's death. Cheryl is seeking spousal support from Paul Walker III. The house and a gun collection were listed as her assets.

Meanwhile, Cheryl was trying to get guardianship of her granddaughter Meadow Walker, Paul's only 15-year old daughter. She petitioned for the guardianship but didn't push through with it because Meadow liked living with her mother, Rebecca Soteros.

After Paul passed away, his estate went to his sole beneficiary, Meadow. His estate is valued within the range of $16 to $25 million. Meadow now lives with her mother and with nanny support after the court gave Rebecca guardianship. Rebecca and Meadow live in a home that Paul's estate purchased.