Fans asked, Carman answered: Will the singer ever get married?

Carman has no plans to get married right now, but he is open to it.

Contemporary Christian singer Carman Licciardello is already 59 years old and has enjoyed a lucrative singing career, but some of his fans are wondering if he ever has plans of settling down and experience the joys of matrimony.

On his Facebook page, he answered the question posted by Mary Jo Pike Embrey: "Are you ever going to get married?"

Carman answered that he has no plans for marriage right now, but he is open to it. "I'm just one of those people who's very content with wherever I am in life," he explained.

Sometimes the singer is surrounded by thousands of people, and sometimes he is completely alone, but Carman said that he is "cool either way." He could also live in a bus, a hotel, a farm, a small apartment or a mansion and offer no complaints. Carman said that he is "quite content with whatever lot in life God provides."

The singer describes his days on the road as very routine. The whole team leaves after each concert by bus and travels all night to the next destination. They sleep in a bunk, wake up, then check into a hotel before he leaves for a sound check.

Even while he was battling myeloma back in 2013, and he was confined to bed for eight whole months, Carman maintained an upbeat disposition. "I was content and happy laying in bed with just a caregiver and my cat Phil," he shared.

Carman added that he does not like to waste time grieving over things he does not have, since God has been extremely good to him. He simply enjoys each new day as a gift.

"As far as marriage, when the right one surfaces and it's the right time I'll do it. But till then, 'I'd rather want something I don't have, than have something I don't want,'" he said.