'Fallout 4' guide: How to get hold of rare materials inside the game

"Fallout 4"Bethesda Softworks

Whether they're used for building a settlement from scratch or for modifying weapons, raw materials are key components that will help players thrive inside "Fallout 4."

Unfortunately, some materials are harder to find than others, and this guide is all about helping players find the things they need.

First off, "Fallout 4" players will realize at one point or another that adhesive is extremely important inside the game, especially since they are used just about everywhere.

On top of that, adhesives are also notoriously difficult to find, so it's easy to run out of them.

The good news is that there is a way to make adhesives more plentiful inside "Fallout 4."

According to The Guardian, one of the best ways to get around the issue of adhesive shortage is to cook up big batches of vegetable starch. The recipe is simple, as players will need three pieces each of corn, mutfruit, and tato as well as some purified water. All of the vegetables needed can be farmed at the settlement, and water can also be produced there as well.

Once players have all the materials on hand, all they need to do is to visit a nearby cooking station and in a matter of seconds they will have five units of adhesive ready and waiting to be used.

Aside from adhesives, there are other rare materials inside "Fallout 4" such as fiber optics and even screws that can be difficult to come by. The good news again is that there is a way to make these materials more attainable.

As the "Fallout" Wikia notes, players can invest points in the Scrapper perk if they want to get a hold of some of the more hard-to-find materials inside "Fallout 4."

The Scrapper perk will enable players to gather rare materials like fiber optics, screws, and even aluminum from simply salvaging pieces of armor and weapons they have lying around. Investing in this perk can help make gathering materials easier and faster inside "Fallout 4."