Faith, Hope, Love and Everything in Between

Life is a journey, not a destination! That's the thinking that permeates CWR's brand new resource to help Christians understand their lives through God's lens.

Faith, Hope, Love and Everything in Between comprises a book and DVD, and has been described by RT Kendall as "one of the most practical and well-written books for living the Christian life to come along in years".

CWR chief executive and author of the resource, Mick Brooks, combines wisdom, humour and personal experience as he shares with us what it means to live holy and whole lives.

We may not all walk the same path or travel along the journey of discipleship at the same rate, but Mick assures us that God is using all of our situations and circumstances to bring us closer to Him.

The DVD is broken into seven short sessions, making it ideal for use in an individual or small group setting.

The ideas presented by Mick in the DVD are considered further in the accompanying book.

"The journey of life has many twists and turns, many unfathomable, unforgettable and sometimes unpalatable moments," he writes in the introduction.

"All of these are experiences that I passionately believe are vital to our growth as individuals, and as the collective people of God."