Ex-Satanist turns born-again Christian: 'Today I rebuke the Satanic covenant by the blood of Jesus'

Pastor Robert Hogan of the Spring First Church in Houston, Texas baptises Jacob McKelvy, founder of the Greater Church of Lucifer.(Screenshot/YouTube/Jacob McKelvy)

"No matter how far away from God you think you are. There is always a way home."

Jacob McKelvy, the founder of the Greater Church of Lucifer in Texas, spoke these words after he and his wife renounced their ties to Satan and became born-again Christians last month, CBN News reported.

"... (W)e were once covered in darkness and bound to each other in Luciferian covenant," McKelvy said during a recent service at Spring First Church in Houston, Texas.

"We were mired in the shadows of the adversarial influence and knew no love outside of each other. Today I rebuke, denounce and break the Satanic covenant by the blood of Jesus," he declared before he and his wife were both baptised.

McKelvy told CBN News that he became involved with Satanism after his sister died of snakebite. "There was a lot of hopelessness and feeling of powerlessness that drew me to this," he said, adding that he was lured by the Satanic creed that "you are your own god."

His turnaround came when he suddenly felt "a burning sensation" to go to a church in August last year. He went to Spring First Church and met Pastor Robert Hogan. Right after that meeting, McKelvy surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

McKelvy said he hopes his story of redemption will inspire others like him to turn away from the darkness and follow the life and light of Christ. He now speaks in churches to testify to the power of prayer and the love of God.

In a report last month, Christian Today noted that real Satanists are quite rare even though some American schools have after-school Satan Clubs, which have been the targets of protest by Christian parents.

The article also noted that while Satanists perform strange rituals, it doesn't mean that the devil is listening to them. "Most Satanism is empty play-acting; it might be distasteful but it's not nearly as evil as many other things. If we really want to see Satan at work, we should look at wars, avoidable famines, hatreds small and great, pornography, division and national strife," the article says.