Evangelical Alliance challenges uninspiring sermons

The Evangelical Alliance has released new resources to help pastors deliver inspiring sermons after recent research found that most churchgoers did not find sermons life-changing.

The organisation said the research released by CODEC and the College of Preachers earlier in the year had raised “significant questions” that needed to be discussed by the church.

In particular, the research found that although 96 per cent of churchgoers looked forward to Sunday’s sermon, less than 17 per cent found that it led to a change in their life.

The Evangelical Alliance’s new eBook, ‘Refreshing Preaching’, has been published as part of the Biblefresh initiative launched this year to restore confidence in the Bible.

Stephen Gaukroger, Director of Clarion Trust International and Biblefresh member, said: “We need to question how well we are engaging effectively with our listeners, as we seek to raise a generation of preachers who handle God’s Word faithfully and deliver sermons that change lives.”

The eBook features contributions and insights from notable speakers like Christopher Blake, Principal of Cliff College, Vaughan Roberts, President of the Proclamation Trust and Andy Croft, Associate Director of Soul Survivor.

“As a young preacher I've found the advice of more experienced preachers hugely helpful,” said Croft.

“For those who've been in the game a while, this eBook provides reminders of classic principles along with new insights for an emerging generation. I highly recommend it.”

Croft and Gaukroger are among the speakers at a preaching colloquium taking place at the London School of Theology this week to consider issues like preaching models for the 21st century, training the next generation of preachers, preaching to people in their 20s and 30s, and renewing an appetite for preaching.

On the web: www.biblefresh.com/training/preaching-resources

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