Nigerians - The World's Most Religious

A poll of thousands of people from ten countries featured Nigeria as the most religious nation and Britain as the most secular.

The 10 surveyed countries are US, the UK, Israel, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, Mexico and Lebanon.

In total, ten thousand people were being questioned about ‘What the World thinks of God’ in the ICM poll for the BBC programme.

The result is, over 90 per cent of Nigerians said they believed in God, prayed regularly and would die for their belief. On the other hand, in Lebanon and the US, only 71 per cent said they were willing to die for their God or their beliefs.

In some of the world’s poorer countries as well as in the US also found with highest level of belief. Additionally, India and Indonesia were also recorded as countries with a high level of belief in God.
Furthermore, the results of the poll showed that levels of belief and religious activity in the UK, Russia and South Korea were consistently lower than in most of the other countries polled.

In most of the countries covered, well over 80 per cent said they believed in God or a higher power. In Nigeria the figure was 100 per cent and in the US 91 per cent, with the UK scoring lowest at 67 per cent.
In Nigeria 91 per cent of people said they regularly attended a religious service, contrasting with 21 per cent in the UK and only 7 per cent of Russians. The average across the 10 countries was 46 per cent.

In most countries well over 80 per cent of the sample agreed that a belief in God or a higher power made people better human beings, with only 56 per cent agreeing in the UK - by far the lowest figure.

The subject of prayer found 95 per cent of Nigerians and 67 per cent in the US claiming to pray regularly.
Those saying they never prayed included 29 per cent of Israelis and 25 per cent of Britons. However across the whole sample, almost 30 per cent of all atheists surveyed said they sometimes prayed.

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