Eric Metaxas features in 100th I am Second film

The 100th I am Second film has launched with New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas.

The movement kicked off in 2008 with short inspirational videos featuring a variety of people whose personal testimony is that God comes first in their lives.

Their stories touch on a range of experiences, from abuse and addiction, to broken families, to pride, and the search for success and meaning in life.

To date, the website has received more than 10 million visits from 219 countries and territories, and more than half a million people like the I am Second Facebook page.

"When we developed the I am Second concept, we had no idea the quick growth and far-reaching impact it would have," said Curtis Hail, president of I am Second founders, e3 partners.

"We are grateful for the 100 individuals who have officially shared their story through films on the website. But even more so, we are touched by the countless number of individuals who have seen I am Second and told us about their own experiences of discovering what it means to be 'second.' We believe this is only the beginning for the movement."

Metaxas is author of the No 1 New York Times bestselling book, "Bonheoffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy" and radio host of "BreakPoint".

He grew up in the church but in his I am Second film, he talks about the doubts he developed during his time at Yale and how he recovered his faith through an unexpected experience.

When his uncle became ill, he was struck by his Christian friends' kindness in praying for him. Soon after, he experienced a dream that convinced him of God's existence, and he accepted the Christian faith.

"There's no such thing as blind faith," said Metaxas. "The whole idea of blind faith is misunderstanding faith. Faith can only be faith in what is real. This ridiculous idea which is so popular in our culture that if you want to believe you have to check your brain at the door. That's absurd ... some of the greatest minds I've ever met are people of faith in Jesus."

He added: "People say that faith is a leap into the dark," said Metaxas. "Let's switch that cliché. Faith is a leap into the light."

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