'Elementary' season 6 premiere date, spoilers: Showrunner reveals Desmond Harrington's complex character

Facebook/ElementaryCBSPromotional photo for CBS' "Elementary."

Desmond Harrington, the newest series regular on CBS' detective drama series "Elementary," will be playing the role of Michael in season 6. According to the show's executive producer, the character will not be as simple as the viewers think.

"Elementary" showrunner Rob Doherty revealed in an interview with TV Line that Michael will not be an ordinary character in the upcoming season.

At first, the viewers will know Michael as Sherlock Holmes' (Jonny Lee Miller) new friend but they will learn eventually that there is more to him. Harrington's character will be revealed as a more complex individual than anyone would have expected.

"Michael is somebody who's in recovery and someone who wants to be helpful. But as is so often the case, the deeper we get into the season, we'll see there's a bit more going on with Michael than meets the eye," Doherty said.

Deadline previously reported that Michael is a former drug addict who found hope to start anew in his life. Sherlock inspired him to do better and the character will return the favor by guiding the famous detective in his cases.

According to IBTimes, Michael could be a great fit in Sherlock's life at the moment especially since the latter's partner, Joan Watson (Lucy Liu), has drifted away from him. To recall, the two had a rift in the previous season when Sherlock did not come to Shinwell Johnson's (Nelsan Ellis) funeral.

Joan is expected to still be reeling from the death of her former patient in "Elementary" season 6. Back in season 5, Joan saw so much potential in Shinwell that the ex-convict could still be saved. Joan had hoped that Shinwell would become a better person, a chance that was shattered when the latter died.

The impact of Shinwell's death on Joan was significant enough to put her friendship with Sherlock at risk.

There is still no exact premiere date set for "Elementary" season 6 but the series' return on CBS is expected in early 2018.