Elder Scrolls 6 release date news: Fan theory says Iliac Bay is the setting as Bethesda keeps lips sealed on location

Bethesda and ZeniMaxThe Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Fans of Elder Scrolls were in for a treat at E3 2018 as Bethesda showed off a teaser trailer of the upcoming game Elder Scrolls 6.

The trailer is a good sign that Bethesda is going to start on the development of the game in earnest even though it is a long way off as it means that they don't need to worry about blowing their cover as they recruit game developers to work on the project.

But despite being a welcome confirmation that the game is still very much a part of Bethesda's future plans, the teaser hasn't revealed too many details of the game, including where it will be set, which remains a mystery up to now.

The trailer at E3 was very short and didn't give too much away. It just showed some green landscape and a rocky coastline under a cloudy sky. And there was also an unidentified ruined building seen in the teaser too.

Until now, the popular guesses for the location of the next in the Elder Scrolls franchise has been Hammerfell, Tamriel.

But one eagle-eyed fan is coming up with a new theory about the game setting. After enhancing the landscape in the E3 trailer, Reddit user 'kaylenivy' thinks that the location is going to be the Iliac Bay and that the ruins are Volenfell.

Reddit users are not buying the Volenfell theory at all as the single fort doesn't quite fit the previous look of the place and the situation of that fort is a desert, not a lush coastline as we saw in the teaser trailer.

As Reddit user 'NamelessFaraam' summarized: 'The most major problem with this theory is that Volenfell is a Dwemer ruin (one of the biggest ones), not an Imperial fort or a crater. It's also situated in the Alik'r Desert (which is clearly not what we see in the trailer). ESO's depiction of it also does not match what we see. The conclusion is that it is not Volenfell.'

What do you think?  Is Volenfell a likely setting for the Elder Scrolls 6 or a fan putting too much faith in their own investigation skills?