New Eddie Long weight loss photos trigger health concerns

Is a raw vegetable diet the real culprit behind Bishop Eddie Long's dramatic weight loss? That's what he is telling everyone but not many are quick to believe him. Some say that a vegan diet would not result in such a dramatic weight loss, and some believe that Bishop Long might be hiding an illness he doesn't want anyone to know about.

In August 2016, controversy surrounding his weight loss was sparked after he uploaded a video on Facebook showing himself working out. He then started the dialogue with, "People are asking, 'Bishop, what happened to all of you?'" to which he answered "...all me of has melted away."

Eddie L. Long/Facebook

In the said video, Bishop Long continued to explain that he got rid of his "slave menu" as he wanted to make it past the age of 100. He pointed out that eating Popeye's (his weakness) would not allow him to reach that goal. Totally dispensing the "slave menu" from his diet, he turned vegan and said he was eating raw vegetables instead. As a result, he claimed it lowered his blood pressure and gave him more energy.

"I'm on the medicine that God gave you to feed your immune system to build you up. You know what, if you really want to move through this world and have influence you gotta be spiritual and you have to walk by His commandments and you have to be healthy," he continued to share.

But to some, something didn't seem right, and they have been questioning how could a raw vegetable diet cause that much weight loss? In September 2016, a report from William G. McCray III of Obnoxious TV emerged. McCray claimed that a source told him that Bishop Long had a grave illness and that's what's causing his weight loss.

In his blog, he claimed that Bishop Long had Stage 4 cancer in his digestive system, and that he was in a liquid diet because he couldn't digest the food properly. At that time, the report claimed that Bishop Long was admitted to a hospital in Atlanta and that his doctor had already given him a date for his death. However, the bishop was not one to give up so he always sought for spiritual guidance and leaned on prayer.

Fast forward to today, new photos have surfaced showing Bishop Long thinner and even more unrecognizable. He appeared in front of his congregation praising Jesus. The new photos have led some to believe that he has now recovered from his undisclosed illness, but others continue to speculate and rumor that the bishop may be battling a different illness.