E3 2013 Nintendo Direct live stream: Schedule, times for day 2, games list, highlights video

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) kicked off June 10 with many big announcements from the gaming industry.

Microsoft announced that that its latest gaming console, the Xbox One, will be available for purchase come November with a price tag of $499 (£429).

Sony showcased its PlaysStation 4 and announced the much cheaper price tag of its console - $399 (£349), which is significantly cheaper than Microsoft's Xbox One. The PS4 will also be available during the holiday season around November this year.

Gamers will ponder over which console to buy, depending on many factors such as price and support of used games. PS4 has won in this ground, as it announced that the console will support used games.

Announcements also came from Ubisoft and EA Games. EA, which recently acquired a Star Wars license, released its Stars Wars Battlefront teaser at the event.

Day 2 will kick off with Nintendo's event, Nintendo Direct, which is expected to make announcements on its recently released platforms: the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. Watch the live stream of the Nintendo event HERE.

Click here to watch the day cam live stream of Day 2 of the E3 event, which will start at 10am PDT.

See below for the timeline of events for Day 2:

KillZone: Shadow Fall — 12:00pm

Super Time Force — 12:20pm

Skylanders SWAP force — 12:40pm

Unannounced Title 1 — 12:40pm

Unannounced Title 2 — 1:00pm

Knack — 1:20pm

Deus Ex — 1:20pm

Watch Dogs — 1:40pm

Need for Speed: Rivals — 2:00pm

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified — 2:00pm

Drive Club — 2:20pm

Assassins Creed — 2:40pm

GameCrib: Team SoloMid — 2:40pm

Unannounced Title 3 — 3:00pm

Thief — 3:20pm

Warframe — 3:20pm

Beyond: Two Souls — 3:40pm

Mystery Game 1 — 4:00pm

Disney Infinity — 4:00pm

Destiny — 4:20pm

Call of Duty: Ghosts — 4:40pm

LocoCycle — 5:00pm

Unannounced Title 4 — 5:20pm

Battlefield 4 — 5:20pm

BandFuse: Rock Legends — 5:40pm

Watch the highlights of the E3 event day 1 below: