Duncan Smith praises churches for transforming communities

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith has praised churches for the important role they are playing in transforming communities.

His praise rang out as he backed the launch of new Christian magazine FaithAction, which will show ways in which churches across the UK can help transform the most run-down communities.

Mr Duncan Smith, who is also chairman of the Centre for Social Justice, believes it is the churches who often keep going and do not give up on communities, long after other projects and local or central government projects disappear.

"Throughout Britain the church is doing excellent work to help people struggling with problems such as addictions, family breakdown and serious personal debt," he said.

"In many of our toughest neighbourhoods it is Christian projects that transform lives when others have given up.

"I am excited at the potential of Faithaction to help churches make social action central to their mission and wish the magazine every success."

FaithAction Magazine publisher, Yemisi Onigbinde, said: "In London alone in the past year, over 24 violent deaths have taken place. The gap between the poor and the rich is at its highest in 30 years. The big question we want to ask is 'what is the Church willing to do to help tackle these issues?'

"FaithAction is not another publication talking about the problems: it's one which helps churches explore ways to effectively respond to community need by promoting good practice and showing how churches can effectively respond to potential crisis facing inner city and urban communities."

The full colour, 28-page quarterly magazine and e-newsletter are available via subscription at £3.50.

For further information, visit www.fathction.org