Duggar family news: Derick Dillard would let Jill get an abortion only if it would save her life

Derick Dillard said he would allow Jill to have an abortion if it would save her life.(PHOTO: Instagram/Derick Dillard)

The Duggar family from "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On" are definitely against abortion, but when one person recently asked Derick Dillard if he would allow Jill to get one under certain conditions, he said yes.

"Derick, I understand your stance on abortion but I'd like to clarify. If your wife was suffering a septic miscarriage and [doctors] could save her life with a medical abortion, wouldn't you place higher value on HER life and not leave your other children motherless and you a widower??" one person questioned him on Twitter (@derickmdillard).

He answered, "Yes, if it was the only way to save her life."

Another then asked Dillard how he would feel if abortion is ruled illegal "under all circumstances, which many in your community are advocating" when that does happen. "YOU don't get a say in it and she dies, along with the baby. How would it feel to let others decide that for YOU?" the person wrote. But the father of two simply responded, "I don't think most people 'in my community' are against that."

The Dillard family has dedicated their lives to missionary work in Central America after returning to Arkansas last August 2017, according to InTouch Weekly. This year, they headed to Guadalajara, Mexico with fellow members of Cross Church for a short weeklong missionary trip.

"Pray with us for our group heading to Guadalajara today!!!" the caption read in a post made by Cross Church on March 17 on Instagram (@c3crosschurch). Only Dillard, Jill Duggar and their son Samuel were seen in the photo. Their eldest son, Israel David, was not seen.

The group will be helping out a man named Julio Arriola as he builds up new church, Vida Church.