Duck Dynasty 'Uncle Si', Willie, Jase, Phil and Robertson family's Christmas album out October 2013; books reach million copy milestone


The Robertson family from the hit A&E show will be helping us celebrate the festive season with their own Christmas album.

Uncle Si, Willie, Jase and co have already had hits with their book releases and are now hugely popular on the speaker circuit.

Now they are making their first foray into music with Duck the Halls out on October 29th.  

And for this Christian family, it's not about the fame but faith.

"Faith, family and ducks - in that order - have always been our priorities," said Willie.  "Christmas is an important holiday for us not only because of our strong faith, but also our holiday family traditions. 

"We're having a great time making this album.  We hope you enjoy it."

According to Charisma News, publisher Howard Books announced that their three titles - The Duck Commander by Willie and Korie Robertson, Happy, Happy, Happy by Phil Robertson and Si-cology by Si Robertson - each have more than a million copies in print.

Jonathan Merkh, vice president and publisher of Howard Books said: "We are extremely excited to be working with the Robertson family on their books.

"What we are seeing with these books is nothing short of remarkable, maybe even historical. I am not aware of any other family on television or in the public eye that has accomplished what we are seeing."

Phil Robertson said: "We knew when we signed with Howard Books, Simon & Schuster that we were in the right hands. Hearing our books have all over a million copies, well ... what can I say other than we are happy, happy, happy."

A world of opportunities has opened up for this hugely popular family and in addition to the books and new album, a cruise is being planned for 2014 where fans can hang out with them in person. 

And Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson's daughter Sadie, 16, has started her own I Am Different video series on YouTube.

Sadie introduced the series in a video with friend Kolby Koloff, explaining that the idea is to offer different faith-based perspectives on topical issues.

Quoting from Romans 12.2, Sadie said: "Don't copy the world and what the behaviours are these days but let God make you the person that you are and change the way you think because the world's view is completely opposite from God's view if you really dig deep into it."

Kolby added: "I am different, we are different, and we want you to be different with us. It's not a bad thing, it's a good thing."

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