'Duck Dynasty' season 6 premieres tonight with the return of the Robertson family

"Duck Dynasty" is set to premiere its new season tonight and there's one surprise guest that everyone must look forward to.

"Duck Dynasty" has battled through some controversy and decreased ratings and now, it's back.

"Duck Dynasty" is still an important part of American TV viewing, which is why Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will be appearing in the show's premier airing June 11. This may be part of his campaign to get votes for the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

In the season premiere, Gov. Jindal will be presenting the Robertson Family with an award for their Duck Commander business. The family business was founded in 1972 and is now a multi-million dollar company. So, Gov. Jindal went to West Monroe, La, to personally visit Willie Robert, CEO of Duck Commander to present the first-ever Governor's Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence, according to the LA Times.

Back in the fourth season which aired late 2013, "Duck Dynasty" reached an average of 9 million viewers per episode. It was their most successful season yet. But when founder of Duck Commander Phil Robertson had an interview with GQ magazine, controversy arose. Apparently, Phil made negative comments about gay people and also had something to say about African Americans. As a result, A&E had to indefinitely suspend Phil from the series.

Later, A&E lifted the indefinite suspension and Phil was allowed to return to the 5<sup>th season. However, the controversy didn't help the show get more ratings. Rather, it pulled down the show's ratings to 6.5 million viewers. Nonetheless, when viewership was calculated for multiple airings, the average number of viewers rose to 10.5 million. Not bad.

"Duck Dynasty" Season 6 will air June 11. A&E made it clear that this season will not be political at all. Phil Roberston will just be dealing with beaver problems.